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October 17, 2010

Dubstep: a beautiful form of music, largely marred by a baffling infatuation with morbidity.  As a maker of music I’ve heard people say things like my music is “dark” or “spooky”, I’ve also heard it called relaxing.  The first thing is bothersome, why is it that when music has bass in it people get the inclination it has anything to do with wickedness?  I think it’s because it urges you to let go and have a good time.  Which entails loving yourself and those around you.  It’s fear of the unknown.  Why fear the unknown if you’re willing to be yourself in a positive way?  To anyone involved in the world of Dubstep, please make yours a positive influence instead of all the pessimism, zombies, gore, and self hatred that has been displayed thus far.