The rules of the game are that I can’t

The rules of the game are that I can’t be afraid,
no matter what the enemy says they’ll do because yea,
though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,
by the Lord I’m protected in each and every step.

Although a billion tell me that my quiet should be kept,
I don’t listen to it knowing that they are incorrect.
Keep telling me to stop because I’m not gonna let,
any man stand between me and the Lord you can bet.

I used to think that this attitude was so rude,
but one day I asked my God what is it that I should do?
When I’m preaching and they’re keeping up a blind opposition,
He said let no man cause you to lose your ambition.

Because they’ll rant and then they’ll rave,
if I’m to ever act faint,
but their confidence will fall and so will they,
if I ain’t.

With a mighty hand this war is fought,
you gotta have faith,
believe in Me and trust my son,
cause that’s what it takes.


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